My Offering


As your sparring partner and spin-doctor, I can support you in realizing your plans and wishes. Using solution oriented coaching methods we define action strategies that help you getting closer to your goal and the life you wish for. 

What is Coaching?

“Coaching is all about having someone to believe in you and encourage you, about getting valuable feedback, about seeing things from new perspectives and setting your sights on new horizons.” - Author unknown

“A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, and has you to see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always known you can be.” - Tom Landry 

What can I expect from this?

The main conditions are your inner wish for change and your will to work for your goals. An open and trusting relationship between you and me is the basis for this.

  • Using a question based process, we will create clarity and structure. In doing so, we identify what it is that you really want, reduce complexity for understanding and create goals that you can believe in.

  • I support you to think through your challenges in a structured and open minded way. I also provide ideas whenever appropriate.

  • I am your open-minded listener, but also challenge you if needed.

  • I work with an extensive tool box, using psychometrics test like DISC or Magerison McCann profiles, change of perspectives, constellations, scales and many more.

  • Sessions take place at my coaching room in Kilchberg ZH, your office or any other location we agree on. Sessions via phone or Skype can be done supplemental as well.

  • We can work in German or English. 

Who uses a coach?
  • Anyone facing complex or difficult situations.

  • Persons in need of new impulses for their career.

  • Managers and employees that want to adapt to their new role quickly and handle challenges actively.

  • Individuals that want to be in the driver seat for their own career.


“I enjoyed my sessions with Franziska and was particularly happy with the support in the area of my work and career as this has been pivotal to the many changes that I am experiencing currently. The sessions were geared towards achieving a considerable amount of focus and preparatory work towards job interviews for instance.”


 “Through our coaching sessions I have gained the self-belief in myself to follow and pursue my own goals. Receiving supportive feedback and hearing my strengths reflected back to me has helped to consolidate my belief in myself that I can achieve my goals, and I have volunteered as a mentor for other people in my place of work with Dyspraxia and Dyslexia, like myself.”


“I enjoyed working with Franziska. I came to her to work on building my confidence in certain areas of   my own coaching as well as more general areas of confidence at work, such as having challenging  conversations... I progressed towards all my goals and each week achieved something that I could look back and reflect with pride.”


It takes time to get the ball rolling and change something. For this reason, I am offering a package of 8  sessions á 90 minutes. This contains our intake session, in which we analyze your topic in detail and define your goal, 6 coaching sessions and one session at the end of our journey, where we evaluate and celebrate your achievements. In case we need more or less time for working on your topic, the hourly rate is charged accordingly. One hour is charged at a rate of CHF 185.